Novation SL Mkiii: Midi Messages for Pads Not Arriving

I’ve created a template for my Novation SL Mkiii controller to use with Gig Performer. Assignments for knobs, buttons, and faders are working with Gig Performer.

However, I am unable to figure out why no midi messages are arriving for hitting the pads. They are enabled and right channel is assigned. I’m trying to use a trigger with a CC assignment.

I’m using the global midi monitor in Gig Performer to confirm no associated midi messages are arriving for the pads.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

You mean that when you hit a pad on the Novation SL MkIII, nothing is displayed in the Global MIDI monitor?

Right. I can’t figure out why.

From a cursory glance at the documentation, there seems to be a notion of templates where each template controls the behavior of different sections of that controller.

Perhaps the template you have loaded has the pads disabled for sending MIDI.

In the default template I don’t believe the pads are set up to send midi messages. You would have to use the Components software/webpage to program the pads to send the messages you want.

Got it to work. I have to toggle the “grid” button to activate the pads. There is a subtle change in the LED button states toggling that button. Once the grid button is properly toggled, the pads send the midi messsges according to my template.