Novation SL-MK3 Extension

I have placed an extension for the [Novation SL-MKIII keyboards]( SL MkIII | Novation ( on GitHub at SL-MK3: GigPerformer extension for the Novation SL MkIII keyboards (

A major draw of the SL MkIII for me was the color displays above the keyboard, aligned with the 8 endless knobs above them and the 8 buttons and 16 pads below them. I like to see labels, as I’m prone to forgetting what widgets I assign where.

The extension was designed to make it as easy as possible to assign widgets as easily as possible to all the various controls. Rackspace, Song, Variation, and Songpart selection is also made fairly simple (as long as you have a reasonably number of Racks/Songs).

Reasonably detailed documentation is provided in the GitHub repository in PDF & PowerPoint form.

A demo Gigfile is included in the downloads.


Makes me wish I didn’t return my SL-MKIII. I may have to revisit that decision in the future if I can unload some more keyboards to pay for it!

A photo of the included gig file:

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Hello Vindes,
I have installed the extension succesfully and got everything working.
Can I ask you some questions here or is this not the place to do this ?

This is the place to ask questions, yes.



I have a question about the other button assignments Play and Stop.
is there a way to change the action for those buttons ?
I would like to use play and stop to start the audiofileplayer running backingtracks in stead of the playhead actions it is bind to as default.

Second question : are the other transport buttons like rewind/forward/record not included in the extension?

Third question : I did a test what happens when I disconnect the sl61 and reconnect it again : I got the extension only working after restarting gigperformer. Is there a way to make the extension working again without having to restart Gigperformer ? When I reinialized the extension(without restarting gigperformer) knobs where working but the display’s stayed black.

Right now there is not a way to un-bind those. It’s easy enough to change the code so they’re not linked to play/stop. I’ll have to think a little about how to make it so they can be bound or unbound.

The other transport buttons are not bound to anything. I think you should be able to learn those to widgets like any other midi button, but I haven’t tried that.

I’ll take a look at that. That’s not something I had tested before, but I should be able to make it so the “Reinitialize Extension” resets the displays properly.

Hey! Im new to gigperformer and extensions. I got the 14 day trial to see if I could replace my Mainstage rig with Gig Performer. With mainstage I haven’t found a way to use SL mkIII to the fullest potential so I’m thrilled to try this extension.

However I can’t get the my keyboard to connect to gig performer as expected. I moved the .dylip file to gigperformer extension folder and gig perfomer asked to install it at launch. I allowed it and put my SL mkIII into inControl mode. After that I get nothing. All the lights are blank and none of the controls seem to work unfortunately. I’m using the provided test gig file. Any ideas how to fix this?

Also I can see on midi monitor that the midi is coming from Novation SL MkIII SL MkIII InControl. I think that is correct. I’ve been trying to mess with midi channels with no success so far.

Did you download the test gig file?
Instructions: GitHub - WidnerM/GP-SL-MK3: GigPerformer extension for the Novation SL MK3 series keyboards

Also @Vindes may give some additional hints :slight_smile:

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Yeah I did. I’m trying to get it working before implementing this extension to my own gig file :slight_smile:

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A couple things to look into a try:

  • Make sure the extension is loading and is enabled. When you click Options → Extensions it should show up in the popup window and the checkbox should be checked
  • Make sure the correct midi ports are enabled Options → MIDI Ports…
  • Make sure you have the correct names of those ports entered into the text widgets named “sl_midiin” and “sl_midiout” in the global rackspace

I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t see how the SL MK3 ports are named on the Mac. I believe they are “MIDI In (Novation SL MkIII SL MkIII InControl)” and “MIDI Out (Novation SL MkIII SL MkIII InControl)”. That’s not what I have in the demo Gigfile, so you’ll probably need to change those.

I believe I updated the extension code to look for that as a default, but may not have pushed that change out to the download. In any case, if you can confirm that’s the correct name of the midi ports on the Mac I’ll make sure I have it coded for that.


Thanks for the help. I tried using two text labels in the global rackspace named with the midiports you specified. In the “OSC/GPScript Name” field I have sl_midiin and sl_midiout but still nothing. My keyboard is still blank when using InControl mode :confused: Here’s a screenshot of the global rackspace and the text strips. Maybe you can spot some error I’ve made. Also yeah the extension is enabled in the options menu.

Did you verify that those are the names that your system is assigning to the SL MKIII midi ports? Look under the “Options → MIDI Ports…” popup to make sure the names match perfectly (and that they’re enabled). It’s possible different versions of MacOS will name them differently.

After the Gigfile is loaded you can click on “Window → Show Script Logger” and you’ll get a popup window showing some debug information from the extension. Paste an image of that here if you can.

Also, after changing those port names in the text widgets in the global rackspace you may need to save the gigfile, quit GP, and re-start. You should be able to achieve the same by choosing “Extensions → SL MK3 Extension → Re-initialize Extension” but I really haven’t tested that.

Once you get it communicating, be aware that when you create new widgets, or edit the properties of certain widgets (e.g., knob color), you may need to change rackspaces and return to that rackspace to see your edits reflected on the SL MK3.

EDIT: I probably had those MIDI port names wrong before. I think it should just be “Novation SL MkIII SL MkIII InControl” for both of them.

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I got it working with “Novation SL MkIII SL MkIII InControl” in both of the text widgets! Thank you so much for help!

Now I can start testing gig performer for real :slight_smile:


Great, glad to hear it.

As you may have seen mentioned in a few threads in the General forum, a new update to GigPerformer should be released relatively soon. When that update is available I’ll make an update of the SL MkIII extension available, which improves the usability somewhat. I should also have a much better Demo gigfile available when that happens.

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This almost make me want to replace my Roland A-800 with this MK3 novation :slight_smile:

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I’ve been using this extension for 1 day now and I’m in love! It’s real nice to have the screens show you real time information about your patches and song parts :wink: SL Mkiii is real nice keyboard imo


Yes, and more goodies are in the works. So you are at the right place! :beers:

Hey, I’m back and I’m ready to really start using Gig Performer proper. Any plans on updating this script to support Gig Performer 4.7? :slight_smile:

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