Novation LaunchControl XL 1 Knob Problem

Hello there,
Hope everybody is fine.
I have a problem with my launchcontrol, when I use it with my template i created in GP, everything works good, but I don’t know why the 4th knob from the 2nd line cannot be midi learned.
I checked in an external app called MIDI Monitor, and the midi info does exist, so it’s not a hardware issue.
Can somebody help ? =)

I don’t suppose you’d like to tell us what the MIDI message is? :innocent:

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20:48:19.568 From Launch Control XL Control 9 Bank Select (fine) 116

Yep, that explains it….you cannot learn bank select messages as they’re used to select banks in Gig Performer. You should change that particular knob to use a different CC message … don’t use 32 or 0

Thank you very much !!!
Now I just have to find how to do that ;))

Two solutions:

  • you change this behavior in the configuration software of the LaunchControl (if it is possible)
  • I think I already proposed a Gig Script to another user where I converted the CC0/CC32 any other CC#

EDIT: Oh I found it, it is even more clever (understand more complicated than necessary) than I remember it being, but still untested I think :nerd_face::


Thank you very much ! I will test that next week normaly :slight_smile: