Novation Launch products integration anyone?

Has anyone else integrated GP with a Novation Launch product (launchpad, launchkey or launch control) in such a way that the buttons light up (and/or stay lit) in a way you would expect like when you use it with Ableton?

There is a developers guide ( ) that details all of the midi messages that would have to be sent for the buttons to respond they way they do in Ableton. I’m certain I could write a significant amount of scripting that would cause the buttons to respond the way I want, however if somebody already has a working solution, I would be interested in knowing what it is prior to putting in the effort myself.


I am pretty sure that if you set your buttons to the CC mode and set the sync option in GP, it should work without scripting.

@David-san, I’m actually using one or more buttons in note mode and also using the latch feature. What I’d like is to be able to see the note light up and stay lit as latched, then go dark when hit the second time to release the latch and send the note off command.


There is a bug regarding MIDI sync and note mode which will be fixed in an upcoming GP update, but for the moment, please use the CC mode. I would use the Novation controller in momentary mode, such that you can choose the appropriate behavior in GP (momentary which is the default or optionally latching).
The latching mode will work in note mode, but not the momentary mode, because the note off event is not yet correctly used. It will be once fixed…

So @xpansion, are you happy with your Novation Launch products integration in GP? What is the end of the story?

@David-san, at this point I’ve decided it prudent to not change any of the programming on the launchcontrol until after my September shows are done. I have a two week break coming in early October, so that seems the prudent time to try this.

My head tells me “No problem” trying this now, but my gut tells me ‘no’ after the various technical difficulties I’ve dealt with on multiple fronts with my rig over the last few months. I need a break from the risk and to just breathe a little first. I’ll give it a shot in October.



Hello, does anyone working with the Novation Launch control XL ? is the Korg NanoKontrol2 sufficiant ? Thanks. François.

i´m also interested in midi/visdual feeback vs. the LCXL.
should it work out just by doing some midi mapping within GP ?
( Not tryed doing any tests so far )

Not sure if this is the same issue but my Novation SL MKIII will not respond to incoming sysex midi messages in custom mode. I can’t get the button lights to respond to Gig Performer. I’ve learned to live with this but hopefully Novation will eventually allow the controller to accept incoming sysex messages via a firmware update.