Notes Cut Off with Hive 2 VST3

Hey all -

I am experiencing an issue where if I play and hold notes with Hive 2 (vst3) when the clock is stopped and then hit the play button, the notes in Hive 2 get cut off. This may be a Hive issue and I will post to U-HE also, but I wanted to confirm that this happens for others as well, and also see if any of the devs here had an idea of what might be going on. I have attached a simple gig file with the init patch in Hive that you can test with. To replicate, just play and hold notes and then hit the play button in GigPerformer. Interestingly it only happens when starting the clock and not when stopping it. It also does not happen with the AU version of the plugin.

Hive 2 Notes Cut Out with Clock Start (Issue Demo).gig (22.8 KB)

Thanks for any thoughts!

Just tried your gig file with the VST3 file (I have HIVE 2) - it works fine — holding a note down and then starting the clock has no effect on the note, it stays on.

Something else going on

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Thanks @dhj - Odd. Just double checked - latest version of GP4 and of Hive 2. Could it be an OS specific plugin implementation thing? I am on MacOS 13.6.1 - What are you running?

I am not using the latest version of Hive 2, I only have a demo version from (probably) several years ago.

I tested on Monterey

ok - in the meantime it also occurred to me to test in a different host - I tried in Ableton and had the same issue. Looks like it may be a plugin/OS combo issue? Open to other ideas if you have them.

To others - anyone with a recent Hive 2 and MacOS 13.x able to give it a shot? Will just be a helpful detail if we can replicate it as I report it to u-he. Thanks!

I am on M1 Mac Sonoma and I can confirm the issue with VST3 version
When I play a note and then press the global play Button in Gig Performer the sound stops.
This does not happen with the VST version.
I am using the newest release of Hive 2 Demo Version.

BUT: It also happens with DIVA


I can also reproduce the bug with Hive 2 (M1 Mac Sonoma). However, I would never have noticed it as I almost always use the VST version.


Good to know.

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@BryanD , how did you do that test?

Just added the VST3 Hive 2 plugin to a midi track, played and held notes with the transport stopped, and then hit play. When the transport started the notes were cut off. So looks to be related to how the VST3 plugin responds to a start command.

Note that Ableton ALSO cuts off when stopping the transport, but that is a different issue. Ableton sends an all notes off command directly to all plugins when stopping the transport. For the record I hate that behavior and would call it a bug even though Ableton would list it as a feature. I wish that were not true and instead they implemented a separate panic button to stop all notes.

Thanks for catching that - I had not noticed with Diva yet. I will include that in my report to u-he.

To send all notes off when stopping is the correct behavior in Ableton Live.
When this would not be done you would get hanging notes when a note on is sent to a plugin and not the corresponding note off.

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I understand the hung note issue if playing back clips, but as a “live” system, if you have a track monitoring a midi input (rather than playing back a midi clip), would it not be more natural to allow the monitored midi input to retain control?

What is that in Gig Performer?

Sorry - that was a reference to your “In Ableton Live” comment, not to Gig Performer.

Ok, so that would be a point to be discussed in the Ableton Forum.