Nord Stage Kontakt GP Rack

Hi, I would like a little help with a script.

I bought the Ultimate Stage Piano HD bank by Junior Porciuncula for Kontakt to use it on stage.
I prepared all my setup, widgets… everything is perfect but for a visual question, I need a script.
I made a button widget to select piano and a text label to display the model piano (1 to 44).
Indeed, if I select Piano 1 (Royal Grand 3D), I get the value 0 in the text label widget.
If I choose the 2nd piano (Velvet Grand), the displayed value is 0.0232558 (2.4 if I look at the Value Widget).
How can I make it display the values ​​1 to 44.

Many thanks for your help.

Or keywords “Ultimate stage piano HD” on youtube.

Can you upload a small gig file?
Did you use host automation?

The plugin is probably only returning raw values between 0.0 and 1.0 rather than text strings.

Probably need to scale the value


Yes, think you’re right.
The min value is 0 and max 1.0.

How can i send you my rack PianoPaul ?

Just upload it here

Ok, see the upload button.
Here is a light version (delete many variations…)
i want to specify, i do not use the EQ, delay, reverb of the Ultimate Stage Piano.
Only pianos and synth mith mix button.
Thanks for your help.

Nord Stage Kontakt.gig (1.8 MB)

I do not see your upload

the link is gone ! I updated message. :wink: