Nord Electro 6 without Modwheel or Pitchbend

Hello guys,
When I bought my Nord Electro, I didn’t think about the fact that not having a pitchbend and modwheel would be so bad.
I often use Keyscape or Omnisphere and not having these is really bad.
So I’m asking myself what should I do ?
I bought it from someone so I could resell it for a good price, but is there another way to have a pitch bend and modwheel ?

Thank you !! :slight_smile:

What exact model do you have?

On Page 29 all possible CC message which can be sent are listed
and with the Midi Filter Plugin you can for example map CC 45 to Modwheel

Wow that’s great ! Thank you !
I have the nord electro 6 HP.
For the pitchbend it’s more inconvenient since you can’t go back automaticaly to an immediate default state with a knob.

Ideas… @Dextroze You can add:

  • a ROLI Block
  • an Expressive E - Touché or Touch SE
  • there other ideas…
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Or when you have an iPad you could use Lemur and build your customized controller

With an Ipad or Iphone :
Weeel by Klevgrand

Transmit pitch (x-axis) and modulation (y-axis) and Lock/Unlock modulation (whether it should go back to zero or not).

But it costs at least 0.99 $ icon_mrgreen

The Nord Electro 6 has a control pedal input so if you have a control pedal you can use it to modulate everything as you can with the modwheel. Maybe you have to activate control change in the NE 6 system menu (I only have a Nord Stage 2 + 3). The connected pedal will then send out CC 11 (Expression) messages. You either configure Omnisphere to react to CC 11 or you use the GP MIDI Filter to map CC 11 to CC 7 (Modwheel) so Omnisphere will never know you don’t have a modulation wheel :slight_smile: