Noob setup challenge

Brand new. Hoping I’m missing something obvious, but here goes.
I have GP up and running on a mini PC. I’m using a basic (pre-installed) piano rack space and toggling through sounds - BUT audio doesn’t seem to be either reaching or getting through my Radial Key Largo digital I/O. I discovered this by plugging into the headphone jack on my mini PC. My Arturia Keylab is playing instruments - so MIDI is flowing - a good start.

Running latest GP, and I’ve downloaded and installed ASIO4All driver, which Radial requires. I know there are others here using the Key Largo, but anyone doing so with a PC?

I’ve read all pertinent stuff in the GP manual and the Radial users guide. Stumped. I really don’t want to go get an Audi interface - this solution is ideal, as I’m mixing hardware and software synths.

TIA for any suggestions. Many thanks!

According to this topic the KL-8 works well with macOS, but not so well with Windows (to put is mildly):

I have a really cheap mini PC that runs GP. It’s my everyday “desktop” PC that’s on all year around. All kinds of stuff running in the background, two monitors, no audio optimization of any kind. 1TB SSD, 16gb RAM under $300. I chose “Windows Audio” in Audio Setup and Speakers (USB Audio and HID) in Output Device in GP. I can go down to 144 samples, 48000 Hz. Rock solid, and no delay even when I play fast while watching a YT video! I don’t like Asio4ALL. It seems unstable. Also, it won’t let you play YT while playing VST plugins. I had my eye on a Key-Largo myself but I thought the Flow8 would serve me better.

Ok, I’m open to the idea of replacing the Key Largo and the Flow8 looks like an excellent choice. I’m generally kiddish of Behringer stuff and was resigned to possibly adding a DAC to my keys rig, but I’m liking yhis alternative! Thank you!

I was using a Flow8 live with my rig and, whilst the functionality was great, as was the sound, the MicroUSB connector eventually broke and I had to make a remedial fix to bypass it with a DC barrel jack socket. On a second one, the display stopped working, so I’d be wary of using one based upon my personal experience.

I opted for a Motu M4 in the end (there is also an M6 if you need more inputs)

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Thanks @DaveBoulden really helpful. I dig the Flow 8 feature set, but I’ve read enough concerns (and likes) with it to have me leaning toward keeping the Key Largo and adding an audio interface if I can’t get the Key Largo playing with GP using ASIO4ALL driver.

I’ve found at least one user in another forum that has GP and Key Largo playing nice with ASIO4ALL, so I may DM him to see if he’d be willing to help troubleshoot. He’s local, so I can offer beer. Lol.

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Me too! The feature set is actually pretty well implemented and I had no issues in terms of sound or capability… even the support team engaged well when I thought I had a reliability issue (it was an underpowered PSU).

But I think they made the engineering margin too small to hit some “magic price-point”. They would do well to release a Midas branded version with uprated preamps and stronger build quality, especially the microUSB connector for power.

Agreed! There’s really nothing much like it out there. Interestingly, the power supply came up often in critical comments. Looks like you made an elegant solve, but shouldn’t have had to.

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