No sound! How to check to culprit? (audio interface issue is suspected)

Unfortunately, I am not near my computer/keyboards right now.

But, I had been having intermittment issues of not hearing audio. In most cases it starting working after I plugged in and out cables from my audio interface. But, I was not able to confirm the issue.

This morning I could not get audio and I would not fix it.

GP shows midi when I kit a key.

I check the audio cables and amp. They worked when I plugged my hardware keys directly into them. So that is not the problem.

I don’t think GP gave me any message that it did not detect an audio interface.

Although I will recheck the USB cable from the audio interface to the laptop, I suspect my audio interface is shot (maybe due to it falling on the (carpeted) floor.

Because I am stressed, I ordered a new Presonus Audio Box Go (good for my purposes). Unfortunately I won’t get it for about 5 days or so, so my next gig on Saturday is going to be using solely based on my keyboard sounds (thankfully, very doable for this particular gig).

So, I figured I would make this post and see if you guys have any suggestions to double check to see if the problem is something else to confirm that my audio interface is the culprit.

As always, thank you.


Are you using multiple instances of Gig Performer?

Do any of these help? Gig Performer | Tips to troubleshoot your computer-based setup

Nope, just one instance. I will read the articles. Thank you.

I plugged the usb cable from the audio interface into a different USB port (on the other side of the laptop).

It is working now.

Maybe the USB on the other side is USB 2.0 (?)

Well, I am glad it is working! Hopefully it will continue working (as long as I use the correct USB port.)

Or a faulty USB socket

@jeffn1 If you want to analyse this problem and possibly fix it, use this small program (no installation)

it lists all USB devices (currently connected or previously used) with detailed information.
it also allows you to disable and enable, connect and disconnect, or uninstall USB devices.

Thank you. I think I am now using that port to power my laptop cooler pad (fan). But I’ll check that out.

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