No MIDI-input signal via some USB 3.1 ports of my PC

I am using GigPerformer 3.8.1 in conjunction with Pianoteq7 and also Ivory II and the Steinberg UR44C audio interface. This interface is connected to the computer via USB 3.1. In my Windows 10-PC there are five identically USB 3.1 ports and all of them are installed directly on the mainboard. To run the Steinberg UR44c-Audio-Interface, I can only use the ASIO driver from Steinberg-Yamaha ASIO driver (Version 2.04).

My problem is now:
If I start the Pianoteq7 or the Cantabile-VST-Workstation (with Ivory II) directly (without GigPerformer!), I can connect the audio interface to all of this USB ports and both VST Workstations works fine on all of the 5 ports.
But, if I operate the Pianoteq7 or Ivory-VST via GigPerformer, it only works with a single an one and only with this single one of the five USB ports. Via the other 4 USB-port, no MIDI signals arrive the UR44C audio interface to GigPerformer.
If I operate the virtual keyboard of the Pianoteq7-VST in GigPerformer, the key tones are transmitted correctly via the audio interface to the loudspeakers connected directly to the audio interface.
So, it is only a problem of the MIDI-Input-Signal in GigPerformer.
But in GigPerformer is the Input-/Output-Configuration always the same.
The problem seems only occurs in connection with GigPerformer.
What could be the problem here?

Many thanks for your support


Did you enable the desired midi ports in the gig performer options?

Do you see something in the GP MIDI monitor when you play your VPC1?
Do you use a MIDI in Omni block in front of your VST plugins?

Yes, the midi ports are enabled an the midi-Input in the Rackspare-VSt is “OMNI”

When you click on the icon for “Midi Ports”, how does that look?

under “MIDI-Ports”, I

This MIDI-Port works fine.

And this MIDU-Port do not work.

When you experience an issue, could you please open the GP MIDI monitor, play a few notes and tell us if something is displayed in the MIDI monitor?

I’m a little confused. The image you displayed should show all available midi input ports and those that are enabled will so indicate by checked boxes to their left. Yet in your image, I only see one MIDI input port at a time. That means that Gig Performer is not detecting the other MIDI ports.

There is only one to detect at a time, but different possibilities to connect it on different USB…

It’s a little mysterious. The MIDI input works well with every USB port (see MIDI monitor). The sound output via the virtual keyboard in the Rackspace VST as well. But GigPerformer seems to handle the MIDI signals on only one of the USB ports, even though all inputs and outputs are configured in the same way for all USB ports in GigPerformer.

MIDI-Monitor_USB1_okay MIDI-Monitor_USB2_not-okay

I am a little bit confused:

Only the MIDI Device “3- Steinberg UR44C-1” is available for Gig Performer.
Your first screenshots show the audio in and out not USB-MIDI-Ports.

Depending on which USB port it is connected, your UR44C-1 has another MIDI port name with an index in the name: “1- Steinberg UR44C-1”, “2- Steinberg UR44C-1”, “3- Steinberg UR44C-1”, “4- Steinberg UR44C-1”. If you use a MIDI in block when your UR44C-1 is plugged into USB 1, than you will have a MIDI in block named “1- Steinberg UR44C-1”. Then If you move your UR44C-1 to port USB 2, it will be named “2- Steinberg UR44C-1” and the MIDI in block refering to “1- Steinberg UR44C-1” won’t produce any MIDI message.

To test this, in your gig file, remove the current MIDI in block (even if it is already named Omni, because it may be just a caption) and insert a new MIDI in (Omni) block. Connect it to your plugin and it should work. Then tell us if it works… no reason it shouldn’t if the global GP MIDI Monitor shows some information.

Then, if you cannot work with a MIDI in (Omni) block and you also cannot always keep the same USB port for your UR44C-1, then have a look to GP Rig Manager. The idea is to create an alias for your MIDI port, name it say “VPC1” and map it to the current “i-Steinberg URC44-1”. If this change open again your Rig Manager and tell him that “VPC1” has to be mapped to another port like “j-Steinberg URC44-1”.

Yes, I have only one Keyboard, that is connected to one Steinberg UR44-C Audio Interface and from this the MIDI-Signal is routed from this Audio-Interface via a USB-Connection to my PC running the Gigperformer and from the PC/GigPerformer back via the same USB-connetion to the Audio Interface and then directly to the activ loudspeakers.
So, I can only see one MIDI-Input-Port and one MIDI Output-Port.

Yes, but your URC-44C driver name the MIDI port differently, even if it is physically the same, depending on which USB port it is connected to. So, using a MIDI in (Omni) could be the solution for you. Please try, what I suggested in my previous post and tell me if it works.

Hello David-san,
yes, yes, yes! It works!!!
You have found the problem and solved it.
I did´nt know, that the system creats a new and different MIDI-Port for every USB-Port.

Thanks a lot for your superb support!
Now, I can connect the PC to every USB-Port I have at the PC.



Perfect, now you can have a look at the Rig Manager which is there to solve this kind of “issue” and makes it possible to work with more differentiated MIDI ports.

By the way, you know that you can also connect your VPC1 directly to the PC via USB?

Have a nice time with GP! :wink:

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