No GP Relayer plugin in Ableton

Hi. I have set up GP 5 and all works well. However, when I try to follow the instructions for using GP Relayer to transfer audio to my DAW (Ableton Live), there is no instance of GP Relayer in the Ableton Plugins list, so I cannot add it to an Audio Track to receive audio from GP 5.

I have scanned my drives (Win 10) PC) but cannot find where the GP Relayer vst plugin would be located.

Could anyone be so kind as to point me in the right direction, or at least tell me if I have not grasped hoe this is supposed to work. Thanks.

What instructions?

It’s in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\GPRelayer.vst3


@edm11 is right you have to add the proper directory with your plugins in Ableton Live.

Hi @David-san I have GP5 but the plugin isn’t in Program Files\Common files\VST3, would you be able to advise please?
many thanks

Hmm - Then search for it (“ GPRelayer.vst3”) in the entire disk.

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Are you using the trial version?

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@npudar hi, no Im on the full version 5 but GPRelayer.vst3 is nowhere on my system

In Windows, go to your installed apps page and in the Gig Performer 5 listing, choose Modify, then Repair. See if the plugin shows up after you restart.


Thanks everyone it’s there now. Can I ask also, do you guys work for Deskew? I’m also seeking to download the Streamdeck extension but the zip file on this page doesn’t include the dll file. Many thanks for your help, Jon

Ok, a couple of hours ago I reached out to the developer of that extension – now you only need to install that one file (“streamdeckplugin”) and it automatically places all the files where intended.
I’ll update the blog article.

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How did you fix the issue?

Many thanks.

I had been tidying up (ie. mucking about with!..) many VST locations on my PC and must have lost the GPRelayer plugin along the way. All sorted now though. The plugin is back in the correct folder and has been recognised in Ableton.


Thanks David, I just did a full reinstall

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