No audio out on new install GP3 Win10

On Win10 I am trying to hear Steven Slate drums or Addictive Drummer sounds. I can’t hear anything. I see midi going in. I also just try to play a midi file in Addictive Drummer but hear nothing. I see the various drums but no sound. I have it set up exactly as I have Reaper set up.Audio device type:ASIO Device Focusrite USB ASIO. All active output channels are checked, sample rate 48000, audio buffer size 480 samples. If I turn off GP and start Reaper it works fine and also my normal video player,smplayer, has sound. Thanks for any tips.

Do you have the wiring/connections setup properly? Can you upload a screenshot?

Yes, along the lines you mention. I think I figured it out by dragging the line from ssd to a different place on audio output. I wasn’t grasping how those lines work. Thanks!