NI patches not giving exact tone as in Kontakt 7 when loaded from Gig Performer 4

When i load a custom patch downloaded from internet and use in Kontakt 7, it sounds amazing, but I don’t get that same effect when loading the same patch via Gig Performer 4 via Kontakt 7.

I’m not quite sure how people are supposed to respond to this, particularly since there’s no information (or audio reference) for anybody else to experience what you’re hearing.

That said, until you can confirm that the settings are identical (e.g, the sample rates, the volume settings, identical MIDI from the keyboard, etc.,) there’s really nothing to say.

By itself, Gig Performer itself neither adds nor subtracts anything to the digital audio flowing through it.

Does your custom patch have multiple instruments in it? If so, are they all set to the same MIDI channel when used inside Gig Performer? Does your custom patch contain multiple groups and/or is routing different groups to different Kontakt output channels but you’re only listening to the first stereo pair?

Lots of possibilities but extremely unlikely that GP is doing anything to impact the sound.

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Am new to all the tools mentioned here. Just looking for a tool which can handle a live single person band setup.

Just tried to load the NI patch into gig performer and tried playing and seeing a big difference in the effect of the tone (and volume) I hear directly from Kontakt 7 and the tone (and volume) I hear via gig performer 4.

I just downloaded Cantabile Performer (new to this tool too) and tried the same things (what i tried on gig performer) and I see Cantabile outputs the exactly sound (volume, effects etc.) on how I used to hear directly from Kontakt 7.

Since the same NI patch is working perfectly in Cantabile Performer, am assuming some setting in Gig Performer is different which can causing this tone (volume, effects etc) issue.

Yes the NI patch has 5 string instruments layered on same midi channel. This has some scripts on it too.
(Its a free downloaded one which many people use, so I don’t know the details on how it was created)

Do you know how can i atleast make the volume of the patch same as how I hear in Kontakt 7 ?

I changed the Scale to Constrain and am getting good quality sound from Gig Performer.
Do you know what does this Scale and Constrain mean? How can we keep the default value for this coming from the Kontakt 7 plugin?

Is your audio setup the same using GP as it is using the standalone?
Are you on Windows or Mac?

ScreenHunter 05 (01)

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Audio setup in GP and Audio setup in Kontkat 7, i don’t see any difference in the audio setup.
But the level in the Scale/Constrain graph fixed the volume level, but am not sure if GP is setting any such custom MIDI parameter rather than getting it from the vst plugin.

Do you know what does this Scale and Constrain mean?

Take a look at the user documentation


Then keep it like this… even if your velocity settings are not supposed to change anything. :nerd_face:

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I just noticed that in the very first screenshot the velocity curve was flat,

…while in the latter it was a regular ramp (like it should be).

Maybe you accidentially changed something in the settings of the midi block?!


Am not sure, but that was causing the sound issue…

As far as i know (cannot verify right now, @work) this curve is a ramp by default, so since it was flat in your first posting, you most probably have changed things somehow.


Sigh, I didn’t notice that all — but that most certainly caused the problem — the MIDI messages would not have been identical, with that flat “curve”, the MIDI velocities would be almost non-existent.

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I’m sure! That scaling curve is used to adjust the incoming MIDI velocities from your keyboard. By default, it is a linear ramp such that incoming MIDI velocity values are passed to the synth plugins (Kontakt) with no change

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Of course, this is the issue!