NI Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2

So, after a few weeks of switching back from my Korg Kronos 2011 (73-key) to the Komplete Kontrol Mk1 I used previously as my lower keyboard, I pulled the trigger and bought the MK2, leaving my MK1 as my primary studio controller and backup to the MK2 live.

FREAKIN WOW! The MK2’s feel is WAY better than the MK1. The switch to two wheels (pitch bend and mod) with a single ribbon controller is genius. The overall form factor looks much more sleek.

The best change is the overall feel of the keyboard action. It is night and day!

All that said, two cons (IMHO).

  1. Moving all of the connections to the center of the back of the keyboard makes it more difficult to connect everything when using a column stand
  2. The LEDs above each key are significantly smaller, leader to less ‘wow’ factor on stage

Given those 2 ‘cons’, I would still say NI did a great job on the upgrade of this particular unit. SALUTE!


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