NI Komplete Kontrol - Big problem after updating

I also updated Komplete Kontrol to the latest version via Native Access.

I still used Komplete Kontrol in some older rackspaces. However, this is no longer found by GP, as the older VST2 version is probably simply gone and the newer version is apparently only VST3?!

This is pretty horrible because now I can’t see which plugins I had loaded in the old Komplete Kontrol plugins!

Anyone have any ideas? How can I get the old VST2 version? How can I trick GP into thinking I’m using the VST3 version now? NI disaster!

I’m on Windows 10

At least I was able to downgrade again:

If you save out GP Presets and recall them, does that recall what plugins you use in KK?

If that can work in the VST2 version… next would be to save out all your presets and see if that works in the VST3 version.

It won’t work. There is no guarantee that the state of a VST and the state of a VST3 would be the same.

The only thing that might work is using the preset manager inside a plugin on the assumption that the developer would know how to convert for different formats. And that’s not guaranteed either.

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Cubase automatically replaced the VST2 plugin Komplete Kontrol with the new VST3 version when opening an “old” project. VST2 Halion6 has also been replaced with VST3 Halion7.
Somehow there seems to be a plugin ID, and somehow the automatic replacement seems to work!

Was the plugin state restored correctly?

Yes .


Well, I’m not surprised that Cubase was able to replace the Halion VST2 - that’s all Steinberg.

However, if it was able to replace Komplete Kontrol then NI must have been very careful to keep the state identical - that’s very interesting if true.

Hmmm — I used to tend to use VST2 exclusively, but if the plugin editors start moving away from VST2 and moving towards VST3, I think I’ll start using VST3 instead… :thinking:

Steinberg has stopped distributing the VST2 SDK (three years ago or so) thereby forcing new developers to be only able to develop for VST3.

So basically what has happened is that if you already had the VST2 SDK, then you can keep using it. If you did not (typically because you are a developer who got into the business after Steinberg blocked access to the VST2 SDK, then you had no choice but to switch to VST3 only.

That said, VST2 plugins seem much more reliable and so unless you have no choice but to switch to VST3, I would stay with VST2 as long as possible - that’s certainly what I am doing.

If GP were just starting out now, we probably would not have been allowed to support VST2 plugins!

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OK, but I wouldn’t like to have VST2 everywhere in my gig files and having the kind of trouble @LeeHarvey just had… :grimacing:

Indeed – there is a concept called a backup that can be used to deal with such problems :slight_smile:

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Which also means no more update for this kind of VST…

I haven’t updated any of the plugins I use in my live performance rig in years — if they aren’t broke…

Much as I am an early adopter when it comes to stuff on my desktop, my live performance system stays as stable as possible — still running macOS 10.14 on it even though there has been 11, 12 and 13 (apparently very buggy) in the last few years


Yes, that’s strange, but true. I tried it again with other old Cubase projects: Komplete VST2 is simply replaced with the new Komplete VST3 when the projects are opened. Without any problems. And that even now, when I have the old VST2 and the new VST3 on my computer as described above!

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