Newly created backup Macbook pro - how to proceed with gig performer activations?

I just created a backup Macbook pro via time machine backup / restore using migration assistant. The goal will be to have this backup (clone hardware and software) ready to go and swap in should something happen to my main one (also a Macbook pro).

To complete the process I want to carefully activate this backup as my 2nd (of 3 allowed) activations, without causing a problem on my main gig computer. How do I go about doing that? I have a gig coming up this Saturday so I want to be extremely careful with this.


Normally you should not loose a license when you activate another machine.

It’s the same license. You’re allowed to activate up to three machines and even use them simultaneously

OK - because I basically cloned the hard drive to complete this process, should I deactivate / reactivate on either one so it registers them as unique and not a pirated copy? GP4.

Shouldn’t matter

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The new backup macbook asked me to log in with a license key – I typed it carefully from my original purchase email, double and triple checked it, but it said “invalid activation key”. Tried again without the dashes, no luck. What next?

What version are you using?

Screen shot showing the activation dialog

Hmm, you don’t show up in our licensing system (at least not with the email address that you used for this forum) — if you got Gig Performer from Plugin Alliance you will have to reach out to them for help, the licensing system is completely different than ours.

If you are a Deskew user, please create a support ticket.

If you are not, please reach out to Plugin Alliance support.


Ok I am all set now - 3rd time was the charm on that license key. I use a different email address than what’s on this forum. If I have further issues I’ll log a ticket with Deskew.