Newbie's first time out with GP


3 weeks ago I acquired GP to run some VIs. I’m running a Nord Stage 3 Compact, an M-Audio Keystation 61 Mk 3 and an Akai LPD8 controller into a Windows 10 laptop with Kontakt Session Horns Pro and various free goodies that came with the Keystation. I’m using a Line 6 HX Stomp as my audio interface / mixer: The Nord goes directly into the Stomp and the VIs go via USB. The Stomp sends everything into a pair of QSC k8.2 or Line 6 Powercab Plus speakers, depending on my needs. I build sets in OnSong on an iPad which sends PC to GP which in turn sends different PC to the Nord. I turn to the next song and the appropriate GP rack and Nord patch are called up.

Set-up at the gig was easy, everything fired up the first time as expected and the job went off without a hitch.

Gig Performer has been incredibly intuitive, but it might be a little scary for MIDI first-timers. I sometimes feel like I have too many options - it’s a nice problem to have! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I forgot to mention: I’m using a HX Stomp because I’m primarily a guitar player. Speaking of Helix, I discovered last week that Gig Performer plays very well with Helix Native so no need to go looking for effects!

TL:DR Gig Performer is awesome!


Tell your friends :slight_smile:

Also, love your username !