NEWB To GP Script; question on best practice

I have an Iconpad that has 8 pretty average touch strips/faders and generally assigned to volume
It also has 8 endless encoders with a push function but does not affect the CC sent when pressed

Q: Target widget will require an address by 2 ccs
1. A linear value eg cc7 val 0-127, ch 1
2. A complimentary offset/relative CC7 val /1/65, ch 2

Can GP manage this ok? a widget addressed by 2 controllers?

To be able to press and turn an endless encoder to allow fine tuning of the volume strip below it.

By setting the 8 encoders to a sequential range of CCs, with a note on/off sent by the button push, code will interrogate the incoming cc from this alias port. If the event is found to be in the range, any ccs (twisting knob while holding down) will have a value of 1 added to the channel which will then pass the relative controller for fine tune

So any advice on schema and the controller question, greatly appreciated

Not directly, but with a GPScript (and your question is about it) this is doable.

Just an alternative:
Global Rackspace with a widget MIDI learned to controller A.
Local Rackspace with a widget MIDI learned to controller B
Both are linked via a Parameter

Should work?

Its a global mechanism so I was hoping to install it upstream and persistent.
Im thinking ill just do the filter in script and with the ranging it should be fine. Was just hoping it would be simpler…done enough coding for a couple of lifetimes :sleepy: