new version not remembering range values


i’ve installed the newest version of GP (2.2.1) on my MBP OS 10.12.6) and it is not restoring the level ranges i set, after quit and reopen. this is messing up my volume levels! additionally" it crashes frequently when deleting or replacing plug-ins, and it is still frequently losing MIDI connection with my iRig - the only way to restore it is to unplug the iRig USB cable and replug it; then i have to reset the audio engine by changing the output device to “none” and then back to “Built-In” in order to get sound…

but the level ranges is the biggest problem for me.




(by “not restoring” i mean it forgets the level range i set, and reverts back to 0 min and 100 max). also messing up my way pedal settings.


that’s “wah” pedal, thank you autocorrect…


We will take a look - thank you for the report.


thanks! just tested on my imac (same year, same GP and OS versions), same result. it’s remembering everything else (other than positions of input and output modules in the Connections view), just not the parameter ranges.


Update with a fix is coming very soon. Stay tuned…


Tony - the updated version (v2.2.2) is now up and available so please update and let us know if the ranges issue is fixed.


got it - fixed! thank you so much for your quick response - i have a gig on saturday, which i want to make my live debut with GP.

but what do you mean calling MY bug “obscure”? :wink:



I was bitten by this one last Friday while sound checking for a show. At first I thought it might be the controller sending out spurious MIDI volume data, but managed to diagnose and reconfigure the ranges between sound check and doors open… barely. Just downloaded, tested and can also confirm 2.2.2 fixes the issue.