New User Widget Questions

I’m setting up my first rackspace having just purchased GP and have come across, what I am sure are 3 “newbie” questions:
First, my controller is an Arturia Keylab mkII88. I am assigning widget functions to select MIDI controller buttons/ sliders on this unit.

  1. My widget column lists all of the available widgets twice. How do I edit this list to display them only once?
  2. I have created a latching, lit LED button to bypass a plugin chorus effect but the bypass function and the light are reversed. Meaning, when the effect is on, I want the LED to light and turn off when the effect is bypassed. The opposite is happening; LED on when effect is bypassed and LED off when effect is engaged. How can I “reverse” this?
  3. In the same faceplate I want to control the wet/dry mix of the chorus, which is a knob, but every knob I select and learn the function the knob acts as a switch. The widget learns the sweeping function of the dial from the plugin but when assigned to a rotary pot on the controller, the MIDI value changes from 0 to 50 and back when the know is turned. Why does this happen and what setting do I need to adjust to remedy the issue?

I have looked through the quick start guide and searched the forum but have been unable to locate how to address these issues.

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated!


Hi John

(1) sounds like a bug. Can you paste in a screenshot?
(2) If you’re in the widget settings, go to the ‘Value’ tab. There’s a button for ‘Invert Value’ which will reverse the button behaviour .
(3) This one seems odd. Are you saying that just the widget controlling the plugin is ok? But it’s when you midi learn the widget to your controller that it doesn’t behave correctly? Use the ‘Midi Monitor’ in the Window menu to confirm your controller is sending what you expect. Also, more screenshots of your widget settings may help diagnose it.

Hi John,

  1. really sounds like a bug. Make sure, you have installed the latest version of GP!
  2. As rank13 already stated: The “invert value” button is your friend. :slight_smile:
  3. I guess, your keyboard’s buttons could be set to send “relative values” instead of “absolute” values.
    To see what exactly is sent, use the midi monitor of GP:

    If you are not getting continuous values while turning the knob, maybe this might help:
    Good luck with it, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.
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Thanks Rank 13 and Schamass for your input.
Here’s what I was able to determine:

  1. I’m running build 3.8.0 of GP. I closed the program and restarted my Macbook Pro and the duplicate widgets went away. No worries!!
  2. After restarting the laptop, the invert button worked as it should. I tried it earlier, assuming it would invert the operation, as its name suggests but it didn’t work. Now it does.
  3. However, no such luck with the knob acting as a switch. I opened the MIDI monitor and the knob on the Keylab mkII88 is sending absolute values as it should (see attached screenshot). However, when attached to the widget, it sends either off (.8 value) or on (52.8). The widget knob will jump from one setting to the other (see attached screenshots). I thought it could be the “Momentary to Latching” checkbox, which is checked, but I can’t uncheck the box to see if it makes any difference.
    Any ideas?

Something strange looking at the timestamps of those MIDI messages,
always 3 messages at the same time??
15158 Note ON
15158 Pitch wheel???
15158 Note OFF
all at the same time??? no good I think…

This is an older bug, @keyman found that each time you open the RIG manager it adds one duplicate widget of all kind in the list. This should be solved at a time but it is really minor. As you noticed when you restart GP it is gone.

Regarding the control of your widget, @keyman (again him :wink:) is right, your controller seems to send three different messages at the same time. It indicates that there is probably something wrong in your setup. If you look in the MIDI tab of your widget, you probably MIDI learned the last MIDI message of the three you send. So the idea is to identify why you send three different MIDI messages at the same time :thinking:

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Thanks Davi-san!
I’ll do some detective work and post my findings.
Hopefully finding the solution in the process!!

I figured it out.
The Arturia Keylab mkII88 has 3 modes: Analog Lab, DAW & User. My keyboard had defaulted to DAW at turn-on and already has factory defaulted MIDI parameters under the knobs and faders.
I changed the mode to USER and everything programmed perfectly the first time!

Thanks for all of your input and assistance everyone!