New User, sync'ing multiple instrument sequencers?

Hi everyone, just trying to wrap my head around GP and figure out it’s limitations or lack thereof. I’ve been building rackspaces for a few weeks ever since I got it and I am having a LOT of fun. Today I had an idea for setting up some rackspaces for some live synth-jam style playing. It’s not something I normally do, but I think it would be a lot of fun.

For instance, I have UVI Workstatio loaded with Hybrid-6000, which basically plays groovebox-style rhythms with controllable muting and volume tracks for it’s internal sounds. It’s triggered by playing a key and then it riffs based on the pitch of that key. Pretty straight forward so far. But then I thought, it would be cool to add Microtonic, or Damage (with loops) or Aeon, or ANY other rhythmic-based loop player(s).

My only issue so far, is forcing sync of all these. I mean, I know I can trigger them all at the same time with the transport control for the ones that operate that way, but then if I want to trigger a loop from a key on my keyboard, like from Hybrid-6000, I have to be super time-accurate, because even though all the tempos are the same, it will still let me trigger a new instrument off-beat. I was just wondering if there’s a way to make it so I can’t accidentally do that. Sort of like an arpeggiator running in the background that won’t sound until the next true beat value or measure value, and when it does come in, it’s 100% locked in place with the other rhythms going on already. As if everything were locked to a master clock, not just in tempo, but in beat or bar position as well.

I do understand that some of this is probably instrument specific, such as UVI Workstation, or the individual library itself, and that is probably not simply answered. Like I said, I’m just trying to start getting my head wrapped around what’s possible. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I am really loving GP so far. I see room for improvement in some areas, but so far, it’s really just silly stuff, like wishing there were more colors or customizable colors for buttons, knobs and sliders, etc.

You need some sort of “Real time MIDI quantize” … I can’t suggest something in this moment.

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Yes, that is exactly what I need. Now that I’ve searched Google a bit for this, there are definitely other people looking for this same functionality. Being brand new to this community, I’m not sure how receptive the GP developers are, but is there a place to suggest such functionality? It makes total sense for anyone wanting to do live synth jams with arpeggiators or step sequencers who want things to always lock tightly together.

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