'new style' plugin knobs that aren't 'knobs' Baby Audio 'Spaced Out"

here’s a widget issue I can’t seem to address… these newer style UI ‘knobs’ in particular … this plugin
Baby Audio: Spaced Out… many of the user interface tweaks make use of a feature that is very visually forward , a circle that could be one parameter in one half the circle and a separate parameter in the other half of the circle , however when you associate a widget knob for instance , to that parameter in GP , you only control half of the user interface , only one particular parameter ! Is there a workaround for this , I’m not aware of any … THANKS !

p.s. the drop down menu to map ‘intensity’ is actually called ‘echo feedback’ in the drop down list , odd.

The plugin manufacturer would be responsible for exposing that additional ‘other half of the circle’ parameter to host automation. If they don’t, then we’re out of luck.

Do you not see that other parameter listed in the drop down menu when assigning a widget?
If not, you should contact them and tell them to add it in an update.

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Im just tested, youn cab mao 2 widget to the INTENSITITY
1 to sustatain and the other to feedback.

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Have you accidentally installed the Transylvanian keyboard driver? :rofl: :wink: :beers: :vampire:

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As others have noted – this is solely a GUI thing — it’s identical to an XY Pad, for example.

The underlying mechanisms have to have separate host parameters (and they generally do) and so you can just assign a widget to each parameter.

If the plugin does not expose separate parameters, then you should report it as a bug to the plugin developer since the control problem would apply to every modern DAW as well.

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And it is, 2 separate widgets can be used to control the 2 parameters.

love it ! thanks so much for your input ! made my day !