New Rotary Plugin from Eventide


I bought this, hoping it would replace my PSP Audio Lotary plugin. I was completely unimpressed with it. About 20 presets—none of which are usable as a Leslie for an organ patch. I tried dialing in a decent Leslie and couldn’t get anything resembling one. I’m actually surprised by this. I assumed an Eventide rotary would be solid and very useful. The PSP audio one is very good but much older. I was hoping to “upgrade and modernize” the plugins I use, but this is the first Eventide plugin I find totally unusable.

It’s possible it’s me, so if anyone has another reaction please let us know.

I can confirm, it is a rotary plugin - but nor for organ…

And L’otary is such a CPU hog. Too bad.

You could try Spin from GG Audio, included in Blue3 but also available as a separate license.