New modeled EP from lost 1959 Leo Fender patent

I just received an email from Augusto at Sampleson. He has just released a new electric piano based on a 1959 Leo Fender patent that was never built. I’ll be buying this shortly, but wanted to get this post up.

Sampleson makes spectral modeled virtual instruments. Inexpensive. No samples. Small. Fast. Loverly!

1959 EP from Leo Fender patent

I own Glassy and the must-have (ha!) Fire Piano Bass (a spectral modeled Rhodes Piano Bass). Both excellent.

Glassy Digital EPs

Fire Piano Bass

Ray Manzarek played the Rhodes Piano Bass when the Doors toured without a bass player (most/all of the time). First view of Ray playing it starts around 1:25.

The Doors - Love Me Two Times