New member - my way to GP

Hello everyone,

i just want to introduce myself shortly and let you know how I came here.
I´m a 43 year old semi-professional keyboardist and Music Producer from Germany located near Duesseldorf.
I have a long history of using VSTis live on stage by starting to try things out about 2001 and buying Brainspawn Forte in 2004. Since then I tried different setups. First hybrid solutions with Kurzweil K2500XS and later Korg Kronos, then finally about 3 years ago I found it´s most flexible and easy for me to do everything “in the Box” so finally my setup looks as follows.

Controllers: 2x Numa Nano, 88key, lightwheigt hammer Action
2x M-Audio Code 61key
Computer: Asus Deskmini Mini PC, i7-6700, 32GB, Samsung 970 1TB M2 + 15,4" Touchscreen
Interface: RME Babyface
Transport: Computer, Interface and Touchscreen are built in a 2U Gator Rackbag together with a custom made connectionplate for AC, Ins and Outs.
Go to VSTis: Halion 6, UVI Falcon, REFX Nexus, Sampletank 4, GG Blue…

(Reason for 2 Controllers each: I have one of each on double stand at home and at rehearsal-room , so I don´t have to carry any large stuff for rehearsals and still can programm my complete Setup at home just carrying the 2U Gator Bag)

So after Forte stopped developement I was Looking for something else which could work and found Cantabile which offered a crossgrade pricing and looked promising on all that Features it provides.
So I bought it about a year ago and tried to start the conversion…but it just was no fun. I simply wasn´t able to get a good workflow with it.

So after giving GP3 a chance by downloading the demo, I found myself doing quicker progress within two hours than with cantabile over a few month.
So I just started to build my gig file and may ask you some dumb Questions in near future :wink:

Best regards


Hi Simon and welcome to this community!
Don’t hesitate to ask any question cause there are (mostly :wink: ) no dumb ones.

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Hello @Beatlab, welcome to the community, don’t hesitate if you have question. You can also post some photos of stage setup, it is always interesting :wink:

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Welcome, glad you discovered the wonders of GP! Saying exactly what has already said, but post any questions you have - it’s a great community full of lots of people who are happy to help :upside_down_face:

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One more welcome :wink:

We all learn from question, answers, ideas and so on…


Welcome! This community raises an already excellent product to exceptional heights. Have fun. -Ezra

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