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I just want to introduce myself. I used to speak English only at school and that is a long time ago, sorry …

I’m Thomas from Germany, located between Dortmund and Muenster, near Hamm. I’m an amateur musician in a Cover Band, our own music project was cancelled in the year 2010. I have purchased Gig Performer, it’s a great piece of software.

I have a long history of using instruments live on stage, from Mini Moog, Roland JX8P, Yamaha DX 7, Korg M1, Ensoniq KS 32, Yamaha EX 5, Korg Trinity, Nord Electro and a lot of Synthesizer Moduls like Roland JV 1080 or Emu Proteus. Certainly I have forgotten something.

For a long time my favorite was a Korg CX-3 with an original Leslie 147 like Michał Łapaj, Keyboarder from the ProgRock Band “Riverside”. He has a very good (Hammond-)Organ sound without Hammond in my opinion.

My last setup was a Korg Kronos, a Kurzweil PC3K6, a HX 3.5 Organ Modul and a Aspen Pittmann Spacestation V3.

One day after a gig I get heavy backache (herniated disc), so I opt for the most portable scenario when gigging. Let the young ones cart all that heavy gear …

Now I own two Korg Kronos’, both 61 Keys, one at home (with the HX 3.5 Organ Modul), and one at our rehearsal room, and a MacBookPro (late 2013), a Radial Key Largo, In Ear monitoring.

I only take the MacBook und an Ipad pro (12.9) from home to rehearsal.

I tried to use VSTis live on stage by using Mainstage, but I was not really happy; for example, it seems to me, that some Virtual Instruments loose VSTi paramters after saving. But perhaps it was only my mistake…

So I went from Cantabile to Gig Performer and now I’m happy, it’s so easy to convert my setlist to Gig Performer and it’s a lot of fun, finally I can try all my VSTis.

Of Course I have some (newbie-)questions, but I will ask in a fitting thread.

By the way: This is a great forum. Very informative.





Welcome to the family :wink:

Welcome! Ask away with questions; it’s a very helpful community!

Welcome ! (French jazz pianist)

Hiho from Saarland (the most beautiful part of Germany :smiley: )
(I am just a hobbyist and i like to play with cool technology. If there was no Corona, i had regular jam sesions with my friends)

Welcome!..Texas jazz/rock keyboardist

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Do you know Willie Wrinkle ? (Bass player)

No, I don’t know him, sorry.

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Can’t say that I do. My son might. They could have been at UNT around the same time.

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