New Macbook Pro 2018


The new Mac Book pro has new interfaces, no more usb 3.

Who uses that new Model and what Adapters do you use to connect your Audio interfaces?

Today I had troubles with Audio Noise and crackles with GigPerformer.
Then I realized that the issue comes from the used Adapter.

Maybe I expect too much.
HDMI, ilok dongle, usb keyboard and usb rme audio interface connected to the same adapter.

When an audio crackle occured, i just pulled the usb cable of the audio Interface and connected again, then the Problem was solved for the next 20 minutes.

Does anybody have experience and solved that issue?


I wouldn’t put everything on one laptop port. I use an Anker USB-C to 3-port USB dongle ( and I have my RME audio interface there along with all my MIDI controllers (via a seperate USB hub plugged into one Anker port). I have a thunderbolt external display for when I’m rehearsing and that is plugged into a different USB-C/Thunderbolt port on the Mac.

As for iLok, throw it away :slight_smile:


Thx for that tip.

iLok: I have to use it because of that amazing plugins from Slate Digital, Kush, SlyFi and Eiosis.


Yeah, I understand — I have however made it a policy to never use plugins that require iLok and instead I lobby such developers to use a non-hardware dongle solution. As long as people are willing to buy plugins requiring dongles, it will keep happening.

Let me know when you do a show and someone bumps into your computer and breaks your iLok or you lose it while rushing to tear-down after a show but don’t notice until the next time you perform :slight_smile:


Just read an article about iLok Cloud.
Seems that this is as secure as the hardware.

I have written to Slate Digital, that they should think about using that.


ILok does have a disk lock version these days and most companies seem to support it. I would not want to use any authorization that requires an internet connection every time you start it


With the iLok License Manager app, you only need an internet connection to set up and verify your licenses. After that, it’s hassle-free.


Yes, and I use apps that use that mechanism but not all apps that use iLok allow disk based authorization, I believe the app developer can make that choice


I have this one from day one:

Never had a single issue with it. But I’m with @David, better to spread the load, if too many devices connected to a single port.


I’ve been using this one because it has the mini display port which I need:

While I never had a USB problem with this adapter I did from time to time had an issue with Ethernet port and the mini display port and I had to “reboot” that device by disconnecting and then reconnecting it.

One the other hand the USB-C to USB adapter from Apple is your safest bet. I’ve never had a problem with that one and when I want something to work for sure :slight_smile: I connect through that one.


Just got a feedback from Slate Digital Support, they are just moving to iLok Cloud and it will be available later this year.


Hi, can I verify the license at home, shut down my Mac, go to the gig, start the Mac and play?


Yes. I sometimes don’t connect my work computer to wifi for months at a time. It’s never an issue. It’s also very easy to transfer your iLok licenses from one computer to another if it’s ever necessary.


Just got. an E-Mail from slate Support,
They Said there is a permanent Internet Connection necessary as Long as i utilize their Plugins with ilok cloud.


I don’t have any apps that need iLok cloud.


Took a look at the support pages of RME.
Seems I did not install the latest flash update which addresses an issue with usb-c to usb2 connection.


Same here. I completely stopped buying/using plugins that require iLok dongle.