New iPad Pro 12 with M1: does it change something for using with GP?

I want to replace my older iPad by an iPad Pro 12.9" with the new M1 processor. Its memory capacity ranges from 128Mb to 2Tb, and the price accordingly ranges from expensive to very very expensive.

I don’t mainly use my iPad for music, but I already use it for non CPU/memory demanding applications like score display or OSC control with Lemur.

I read that new M1 based MacBook will be (or is even already) able to run iPadOS apps of the M1 iPad Pro. Perhaps that an M1 iPad Pro will be able to run MacOS apps, but it is very uncertain. Does the fact that we now have Mac and iPad using the same M1 processor change something for using it with GP or for audio/music in general? Could we imagine to have a GP for iPad or will it be possible to use Mac native plugins within the iPad Studiomux, such that I should think of buying my new iPad with more memory (my current one only has 128Mb and is completely full)?

Any thoughts that could contribute to my reflection?

I am beta tester and Stuiomux enables to use an iPad plugin runnin on an iPad liem a regular plugin in GP.
But only 1 instzance of that special plugin can be loaded in GP.
As soon as you use multiple instances the iPad becomes confused …

The underlying processor has little or nothing to do with this. For example, GP can be compiled for both Intel and M1. It’s the OS that’s relevant.

But even if the plugin was compiled for an M1, no chance to “import/download” a MAC plugin into Studiomux, right?

And iPadOS is too different to dream of an iPad version of GP?

Again, it has nothing to do with the processor….it’s the OS with which an application interacts.

Studiomux is for providing audio stream and midi stream between iPad and Mac/Windows
and not load Mac Plugins on iPad.

So, in short, the answer to the question of this topic is: no!

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