New Gig & Hardware in the wild

I took GP and my updated ‘global-centric’ gig file and keyboard hardware configuration out for a spin last night on a small club date. I am pretty happy with my revamped approach based on how the rehearsals and show went.

We had 24 songs in the show for which I used only 8 different ‘local’ rackspaces. These rackspaces contained some specific VSTs and/or toggled variables in the global rackspace to control splits and toggle global piano VST. The global also houses the Leslie VST which I use as a down-stream amp stage; IK’s Leslie sounds much better than the XK-5’s on-board Leslie and allows me to route Rhodes and other VSTs in the local to the Leslie on a song by song basis.

The setlist/songs mode used about 6 program changes sent to a Hammond XK-5 for some quick presets. The rest of the organ variables were done on the fly with physical drawbars, Leslie foot switch and expression pedal.

The global rackspace mixing matrix allows for separate FOH and Monitor mixes and the ability to fold in the monitor mix I am receiving from FOH (sans keyboards) into GP for a more personalized mix I can change on the fly.

I use a minimal rackspace approach where I build a version with enough virtual channels and just populate those channels with specific VSTs as I need but they have dedicated busses that pass through to the Global rackspace.

The gig file loads in under 20 seconds and I can run it at 128 samples!

It’s a heavy improvisational show, this approach feels like a good fit for this style show. I’d probably hide the laptop more on stage but I do use the built in Chords/Lyrics feature for charts so it’s up in my field of view, for now.

Bottom Keyboard: SL73 / Top Keyboard: XK-5
Top Row Right to Left: Laptop, MOTU M4, Rolls PM, lucky turtle:

GUI shows all my gain stages and relevant switches, minimal but thorough:

Global rackspace showing piano switched off (via local) and lower manual mode off (via local):

Rhodes on, global piano off… with my rhodes template controls:

A local rackspace example that uses three specific VST’s, switches the piano off in the global and sets the lower keyboard (SL73) to be the XK-5’s lower manual in the global rackspace’s midi routing.



Great! :ok_hand:t2:

Thanks for sharing :beers:

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I’m working on something very similar… I may have to hit you up with questions :slight_smile:



As a noob to GP, thanks so much for sharing this!


@brandon, would you be able to expand a bit on exactly how you’re mapping the local rackspace buttons to the global ones? I’m also curious as to what, if anything, is in wiring view in your local rackspaces.


Here’s one example of a local rackspaces’ wiring view:

In that example I am feeding the Rhodes into both the Leslie chain (1-2) and into the normally dedicated Rhodes chain (7-8). There is also a custom mix sound of OB-x and Moog.

Here’s what my Piano local rackspace and my ‘lower manual’ local rackspace look like:

That’s because these patches live only in the global and are just controlled by local panel buttons.

Button wise… in the local rackspace panel these are some the ‘To Global’ mappings I am using to change setting in the global rackspace:

For example…
0 - This is actually a Mute control for the incoming Organ sound from the Hammond XK-5
1 - This is a midi channel switch that turns the SL-73 into a controller that sends midi out on 4-5-6 to the XK-5

and not shown is…
10 - Piano which toggles the bypass on the SampleTank piano I use.


Thank You, @brandon ! That is just what I was looking for.


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