New Electromagnetik from IK Multimedia

New product, anybody using it?

I’m definitely interested in the CP-70. I currently have XLN’s Electric Grand (I still prefer the CPs in my Kurzweil PC4 though).

I use the CP70 from Hollow Sun

Does it work with Kontakt 6?
How does it compared to Pianoteq?

I haven’t tried it with Kontakt6 solely because I haven’t needed the CP70 recently – I used it for many of the Peter Gabriel songs I did when touring with Security Project. But I’m not getting rid of Kontakt5 anyway.

I am unaware of a CP70 for Pianoteq

Oops, Pianoteq has a cp80

i am using Kontakt 5 because of sounfont support.
Resample with bliss, export to sound font, import in Kontakt 5, save as nki and use it in Kontakt

I don’t see that either – I have pianoteqPRO with (as far as I know) all the extras

I don’t doubt you - I just don’t know why I don’t have it (although I remember I used to)

I think you can download it from their website

I am using Pianoteq Standard, is it worth to upgrade to PRO?

I use the CP70 from Keyscape that I like.

The Pianoteq CP-80 model is part of the (free) KIViR set. Download link here, just drag it onto Pianoteq to install.