New CME WIDI wireless MIDI solutions

I formerly used a CME WIDI-X8 wireless MIDI device which is no more available. Now I use a Panda Audio midiBeam which has a much lower latency. Those devices were mono directional MIDI (half-duplex), i.e. it was not possible to send through MIDI out and receive via MIDI in at the same time.

I just discovered that CME renewed its range of WIDI wireless MIDI devices which seems now to be bidirectional. These device rely on BLE Bluetooth and have a low latency of 3ms which is correct.

My AX-Edge keytar has already built-in BLE MIDI, which I never really trusted (and therefore never really tested) on stage and immediately replaced with the Panda Audio midiBeam.

Does somebody have an experience of using BLE MIDI or more precisely a new (bidirectional) CME WIDI solution on stage?

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Iā€™m going to wire one of these into my wind wx11 controller .