New Cherry Audio Novachord + Solovox VIs

Was the 1939 Hammond Novachord, with 163 tubes and over 1000 custom caps, the first synth?

Currently $39, from $59. Less from plugin resellers like JRR Shop and EveryPlugin (good guy), but at this price point, I buy direct.

Cherry Audio Novachord + Solovox


I have purchased 13 of their plugins and had never ending problems with them on my Macbook Pro. From time to time some of the plugins refuse to load and want to be activated again and want to load some stuff via internet. Seems to have something to do with their updated copy protection, I think, because before everything was fine.

Has happened on stage one time! Think you want to play one of their synths and you hear: Nothing! :cold_face:

Support was informed several times but was not able to stop this behaviour.
So never again anything from Cherry Audio on my Macbook. :angry:

I run the Cherry Audio Polymoog plugin (used mainly to play Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’ in my cover band) on my MacBook Pro M1 Pro, and have never had any issues, thankfully.

I must say, hats off to Cherry Audio for this one (Novachord). I never knew how those old 40’s films created that warm quasi orchestra / organ sound, … now I know! And am in love with that early Hammond instrument.

I’ll be buying Cherry Audio’s latest release tonight.

Good luck to you. :pray:

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