New Arturia Collection V7

New Arturia Collection V7

They completely redesigned their B3 and many new presets for all of their instruments.

BUT be careful when you install Analog Lab 4 the old Version Analog Lab 3 is removed.
So you have to download it from their Archive and reinstall Analog Lab 3 again.

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Hmmm, I just upgraded and the Arturia Software Center seems to be stuck downloading the Mellotron V

Matrix-12 and Wurli were snap upgrades, but AL4 is stuck on 80%. I think they’re just overloaded again.

Oh, so it’s you blocking me from downloading :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But I guess I’ll keep my Analog Lab 3. It finally seems to be quite stable meanwhile.

Anyone know if they finally allowed instruments to be tuned to something other than 440?

The Virtual Piano can be adjusted, others I do not know.

Matrix-12 update took hours to download.

What instrument can’t be tuned ??
From the back of my mind - Clavinet you can (inside panel)

their servers have aways been glacially slow for me…

Got lucky with Matrix-12. It d/l’d in about 30 seconds. On Day 2 with AL4. Need to try again.

The B3.
The lack of a global tune feature on all the products(like what you find on Kontakt) has always been a nemesis for those of us who play in something other than A=440hz.

I downloaded two of the new synths and now gig performer cannot see any of the Arturia plugins. I restarted my machine and have done a couple of full rescans but no luck.

But the Arturia plugins thst are already embedded in rack spaces still load fine.

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Apologies for omitting that - windows 10

Are they installed in the same folder as before? Maybe the new installer moved them elsewhere ad you need to add that folder to the list.
also try to rescan all failed plugins.

They are in the same folder as before. Other hosts like ableton and reaper see the new oones and the old ones.

All arturia plugins have disappeared from GP scan not just the new ones.

Can you see if they’re down at the bottom in red marked as disabled? If so, try deleting them all and then rescanning?

Did this get resolved? I am considering purchasing V Collection 7, and I use Windows 10

FYI, I installed the Arturia instruments (v7 collection), and they all passed GP scan (Windows 7). Quite a nice collection with good presets. It will take me a while to get a good feel for the various instruments.

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