Neural DSP Technologies

Has anyone tried (or owns) any of the plugins from Neural DSP Technolologies with Gig Performer? I’d be interested in any feedback


I’ve been happily using their Darkglass Ultra plugin 2.1.0 in GP 3.7.0 with no issues.
The version 3.0.0 of the plugin was not such a happy match. The CPU meter within GP showed sensible numbers for the audio processing but GP itself was using 100-120% CPU according to iStat Menus. It normally sits around 30-50%.

Version 2 plugin seems to be playing well with today’s GP 3.7.1 update.
After a quick test, version 3 VST and VST3 playing nicely with GP 3.7.1


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After a slightly more rigorous examination, v3 uses 5-6% more cpu on GP meter and 14% more in iStat. Best performance with plugin closed. (out of 400%)
v2 closed 6% GP 11.1% iStat
v2 open 6% GP 24.2% iStat
v3 closed 11% GP 29.4% iStat
v3 open 10% GP 31.4% iStat

But in all cases iStat reports cpu idle 88-91% so maybe the work is just being spread around different daemons.

Be careful what you’re measuring. When the plugin editor is open, there’s lots of extra GUI stuff happening. Even when it’s closed, the plugin could be doing a lot of stuff outside its audio processing that could be sucking cycles unnecessarily

That is certainly what I was hoping to measure!

I just bought Fortin Nameless Suite today. On oversampling mode… it literally takes my CPU from 0% to 30%. Yikes. However, it is the most 3D sounding guitar simulation I’ve used.

I’m using Granophyre, and it uses less CPU than Spark (which I run 8x Oversampling)