Neo Ventilator II

I am looking for ideas and techniques on how to set up a Rackspace to use a Neo Ventilator with GP.

This should be doable using an MultiChannel Audio Interface.
Do you have such an Interface?

Yep, I have an RME Fireface 800.

I would do this:
Send the signal from your vst to for example to output 3&4 in gig performer.
In gig Performer in the Audio setup you have enabled outputs 1,2,3,4
Then you connect the physical out of the rme mapped to output 3&4 of gig performer to Your hardware.
From the hardware Route back to your rme.

I am not clear when you say, “Then you connect the physical out of the rme mapped to output 3&4 of gig performer to Your hardware.”. I want to play Blue3 and have its output go to the Ventilator and then back into GP and then out to my RME. My RME sends its audio to my monitors.

Here is how my Rackspace looks now in GP:

Can you post a pic what this Rackspace would look like plz.

Why route ventilator back to gig performer?
You double the latency.

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You can route the direct out of blue3 to out 3&4 of the audio out block.
Then connect out 3&4 of rme to ventilator.
And the just connect out from ventilator to audio in of your rme.

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Yep. So, essentially I reserve a stereo audio channel on my RME for my Ventilator.Then anything I route to that channel from GP will go to the Ventilator and finally to my monitors. Correct?

Yes, so I would do it.

Does it work?

I just ordered my Ventilator, now knowing that it will work with GP. LOL! I will let you know what happens next week when it arrives. :slight_smile:

I am surprised that no other members responded with ideas … am I the only one in the group using a Ventilator? LOL!

Why not using a cheaper and perhaps even better Leslie plugin rather than a piece of hardware if you want to use it with GP? :thinking:

I want to use it with my external hardware as well. I also have a friend who uses Blue3 with a Ventilator on the back end and loves it.

So far, Blue3 is my favorite organ plugin.

If you want to use it standalone, without GP, then of course a plugin won’t do the job for you. But if you want to use it with external hardware and GP, than you can definitely use a Leslie plugin: connect your external hardware to an input or your rme and route it to your Leslie plugin, that’s it.

Sure. I can do that as well. Thanks :slight_smile:

For a long time my favorite was a Korg CX-3 with an original Leslie 147 like Michał Łapaj, Keyboarder from the ProgRock Band “Riverside”. Someday my bandmates and I decided, that the Leslie ist too heavy… I bought a Nord Electro, a “Burn”, because it has Midi, then I bought a Neo II Ventilator. I have a HX3-Modul, but I have all this stuff at home, because meanwhile the VSTs are good enough in my opinion.

With GP I use the Hammond B-3 X from IK Multimedia live and I’m happy with sound and handling. Never say never, but I think, that I will never use the Ventilator again on stage.


And this is the standalone version of their Leslie:

Is it better than BLue3?

It depends :slight_smile:

The sound of ik Multimedia hammond is the most realistic i have heard.
But it needs much more cpu than blue3.
The main difference is the Leslie and drive/distortion.

And the support of Blue3 is fantastic.

In my Pink Floyd tribute I am mainly using IK multimedia, but for 2 songs I am usin blue3 because in this case blue3 sounds better.

At the end it is just a matter of taste, you have to find your own sound.

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Pianopaul is right, Blue3 sounds very good, in some cases better than the IK Multimedia Hammond. But it is difficult to create a good organ sound and you must have the standalone version of the IK Multimedia Leslie - it is much better than the Blue3 Leslie.

A very good Organ VST is the Acousticsample B-5 V3. The sound of this Organ-VST isn’t better than Blue3 or IK Multimedia, it is different. As pianopaul says, it is just a matter of taste, you have to find your own sound. I’m on the safe side with the B-3X.