Nektar Panorama T4 keyboard

I just bought the 49 note version and I have a couple of questions if anyone has one of these:

  1. I can’t find a master volume knob. Does anyone have a workaround?
  2. There are definitions for several DAWs that can be imported, but I don’t see one for GP.
    Once again, has anyone come up with a workaround?
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Use one of the faders and Learn it to your widget that you use as Master.

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If the T4/T6 are like the P6 that I owned, Nektar has a proprietary protocol and installs a driver for it. They also support some specific DAWs like Studio One and Reaper with an additional install. But as @pianopaul noted, you should be able to map to the T4’s controls from GP.

The T4 has nine faders like my P6 did. Typically, you would use the right-most fader for master volume.

Does GP see the T4 in the Rig Manager?

EDIT: If you have adjusted the volume directly with the widget in GP and not via the hardware fader, the volume will NOT match the existing position of the hardware fader because the faders are not motorized, and the volume will jump to the current value of the hardware fader as soon as any movement is detected. So, I would use only the hardware fader to adjust volume, and use the GP widget only for visual feedback. As far as I know, soft pickup (no change in the widget controlling master volume until the fader position matches the widget’s current position) is not supported.

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Yes it does. Thanks for the tips and good advice.

Right on! It just worked. Great tip. As for the definitions for DAWs etc; I will just use midi learn with GP. Because I control GP from an iPad, I won’t be using the T4s faders, knobs or buttons much at all. It seems overkill to buy this keyboard and not use them, but I upgraded to the T4 from a lower spec model wherein the USB failed to connect after a short while. This one has a better looking keyboard, and I am told a better quality keybed.

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I don’t know if you use Studio One, but if you do, Nektar has just released an updated version of their Studio One integration for Panorama controllers (P4/P6 and T4/T6). I hope they fixed the bugs I documented and gave them steps to reproduce…only to hear crickets. For two years, before I landfilled my P6 when the color display failed. FWIW, I did really like the keyboard itself, just not the buggy controller integration. I even gave them the line is the sysex file where it started failing. Shesh.

From their announcement:

I’m very pleased to announce a HUGE update to our Studio One integration.

The improvements focus on making it quicker and easier to grab control of anything in Studio One and customise your experience with a deeper level of mapping.

This video provides a brief overview of the new features:

I don’t know that model being new to the Nektar range. However, my new T4 is a replacement of a 49 note Nektar Impact bought mid November last year that decided to stop using its USB connection. I upgraded to the T4 because it has a better keybed I’m told. From your quoted comment above, I’m just hoping that the Nektar range is ok quality wise. The T4 does have good reviews.

I found the keyboard to be very good on my P6. The only hardware problem I had was the color display controller failed, putting up a couple of vertical white bands, making the display impossible to use. My big issue was with their software support. 5-6 years ago, they were releasing a bunch of new controllers regularly. They did enough work on their proprietary interface software to get them working well enough to demo, but then never updated them with fixes. And no ones code is bug-free. I was surprised to hear of an update for the Studio One integration software. If they fixed the existing bugs, great! If they just added new features on top of the exiting code, not so great. I think you will like the keyboard. I hope the electronics and software hold up.