Nektar Panorama P6

Hi all,
Has anyone got a Panorama P6 working bi-directionally with GP ? and the motorised faders?
I’ll settle for just the display working !

Do you have one?
Do you know this?

I had a P6 many moons ago. Loved the keyboard, but never got the motorized fader working. The sysex file that loads with the P6 protocol driver was buggy. I contacted Nektar tech support with: 1) steps to reproduce AND b) the line number in the sysex file where the failure occurred.

Tech support replied that it worked for them and I never heard another word.

Then the hardware display drivers started failing, placing broad white vertical bands on the display, making it unreadable.

And, I never figured out how to implement soft pickup for the 9 mechanical faders, which made them pretty much useless for me.

I bought an NI S61 and landfilled the P6.