Nektar keyboard - reflecting volume status

Hello all: I hope someone can help or direct me towards an existing solution already posted. I have a Nektar Impact LX88+ controller which has 9 faders, which I have set up to control the volume faders in Gig Performer for my instruments in a rackspace. I use the instruments in various combinations, and have the ones not currently in use in a variation turned all the way down. Directly below each fader on the keyboard is a button which lights up when pressed. I would like to set things up so that the button below each fader lights up when the volume fader is in use; anything other than zero essentially. That would make it easier when playing to tell which instruments are active so that I don’t mistakenly adjust the wrong fader.

Essentially I want a button to light when the fader is NOT turned the whole way down in the rackspace. Thanks for any help here.

The fader button LEDs on the LX88+ can be set via MIDI CC messages, so this scenario may well be achievable with some GP Scripting.

That’s what I’m thinking as well. This might force me to take my initial dive into scripting.

Depending on how the LEDs are set up you may not need scripting.

If they’re on/off LEDs then usually sending a zero would turn them off and any other value would light them.

Possible you could just put a widget controlling the led in the same group as the volume widget and when the vol fader goes to zero it would send cc 0 also.

The CC value that you send also sets the LED colour

I ended up taking this approach, along with a little tweaking of the keyboard button assignments. It now works just the way I wanted. Thanks!

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