Nektar announces new 88 key MIDI controller GXP88

Just saw this article which looks quite promising!

Roland announced one too – I saw it at NAMM

Nice! :slightly_smiling_face:
But what makes the Nektar more attractive to me is the semi weighted keyboard and aftertouch, which the Roland doesn’t seem to have.

The Roland doesn’t have Aftertouch? I didn’t notice that.

I just guess this, because i haven’t found a word about it.


I took a look at Thoman, seems there is really no aftertouch
Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-21 um 08.21.05

WRT the Nektar, I would have been shocked at a roughly $300 US 88-note semi-weighted keyboard to have aftertouch. None of the other Impact models have aftertouch either.


I tend to interpret the term “pressure sensitive keys” as aftertouch, and they also speak of aftertouch when they describe the routing options…

Does anybody happen to get a GXP88 in the meantime?
I am still quite interested, but i would like to know if the aftertouch implementation is somehow on a usable side… i’m a bit sceptical in that point.

hi, Yes I’m using the GXP88. Its my first key with aftertouch so its difficult to me to know if it has good aftertouch. Well I have a Seaboard but that is another thing. The aftertouch is very responsive but I dont know if its common but for controlling something like Filter Cutoff you can have some garbled sound playing it polyphonically because each note is sending a different value.

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Thanks for your response!
I use AT mostly for some kind of volume swelling, vibrato or to switch the Leslie speed of organs.
At the moment i use a Roland A-800, but the implementation of aftertouch is really poor and meanwhile i fear to break the keyboard in half because i have to push the keys that hard to make the afterouch respond. Maybe the Nektar is better with that.
Using the little Behringer x-touch mini, or maybe even a Stream Deck (since we have a really nice extension for it now) in addition to that keyboard should offer enough of controllers to play with.

This is the contrary I wish it has less sensitivity. For volume is the same problem that Filter you are gonna get garbled sound if you send pressure with more than one note. You have to concentrate to really send pressure with on finger only. For vibrato and trigger leslie you are not get any problem

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I guess this could be the right thing for me.
I think next month (with a freshly filled purse :wink: ) i will give it a try.
Thanks again for your opinion! :beers: :+1: