Need help getting Gigperformer going, new download and new user

Can someone assist me, I just downloaded GP, and followed the instructions for the first 10 minutes to get going and just not getting any sound, keyboard (midi) seems good, audio all seems good but not working

Watch videos on this site and youtube. Especially ones about first setting up. (Keep an eye on the version).

There are so many things that could be missed when you are first setting up your rig.

Please check out this blog: Gig Performer | How to change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller

Or, if you prefer videos:

A screenshot of your wiring view would be a good start. Also, a screen shot of your global midi monitor after you play a few notes

Thank you, I restarted my computer several times and it started to work. I added a iconnect audio interface (old one) and that may have done the trick, anyhow I appreciate your assistance.

Windows Update may also handle driver updates.
So if you see that your audio interface is not working please try an older driver (optionally tell Windows Update to not update drivers).