Namm 2022 Report

Hi, as requested, here is my report with pics

Much smaller than usual, guessing 2/3 the number of vendors (rebounding from covid and 2 years off)

What’s trending in the industry? Here are the key points and buzzwords around the show and its 'session’s (seminars)

  1. NFT, yeah, its a potential source of revenue for musicians.

  2. TikTok: its the new payola, apparently record labels and their artists are making bank there.

  3. Immersive Audio… so Dolby Atmos is the leader, followed by Sony 360. VERY large crowds at these booths and seminars. And yes, you need to make special mixdowns for these formats.

  4. Metaverse… For example, millions of people online in Fortnite… so the ‘Virtual Venue’ will be well attended, and get your music out to new young audience… more than you can on an international tour.

  5. Web3, google it.

  6. AI for music generation, its a factor and part of our future… IMHO, its just gonna be another tool, like the synthesizer is/was.

  7. Touch screen keyboard… ha! he changed it to a guitar in a press of the button… plus planning on adding light shows. Notice the GP in the background. (and yes, he talked about meeting the GP people at NAMM before)

Sony 360

crowd at booth about Dolby Atmos

Fun toy


Great pictures - who is the guy that had GP in the background? Also, did you get a picture of Keytar Jeff?


That would be Eric Netherland.

I put this same report in my FaceBook, and on his picture you can find his page and company name for more detail if interested.

I covered the entire namm show, the best I could, I looked but did not find Keytar Jeff, and on Sunday, the day i usually tie up loose ends like this… I did the seminars via streaming instead! Much easier, and not as cold or covidy as the OLD fashioned way.

btw, streaming the seminars… means next year you could attend the free seminars remotely, no airfare, no crowds, no hotel, no hangovers!