My GigPerformer based rig

Just finished a week long worship gig. GP was flawless as always.

Quick video walkthrough of my rig:

14” MacBook Pro M1 Max 64GB Ram 2TB drive
Loads of plugins
MIDI from GP via IAC driver bus 1 to Sunday Keys app for MacOS - routed to GP via Blackhole
Audio driver

MIDI from GP to Mobile Sheets via IAC driver bus 2

MIDI from GP to MainStage (very occasionally) via IAC driver bus 3 - routed to GP via Blackhole Audio driver

iPad Pro running Touch OSC


Kurzweil K2700 as MIDI controller and audio interface


Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

Looking great, but looking a little bit complicated, too.

Just some questions:
With so many controllers on your keyboard, why do you need extra controllers and a tablet with OSC? Everthing could be done, differently song by song, by widgets mapped to controllers from your keyboard, alone?

But what works for you, is the best rig for you.

May look complicated but in a worship context, at least in ours, I need to be ready for anything. I just got the K2700 days before this so didn’t have time to remap and didn’t want to change my workflow last minute. There is some redundancy built in also just in case. Honestly during performance, it is not at all complicated which is what I want.

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What is the second monitor ?

How do you like that keyboard? I thought about replacing my controller with one of these but apart from being expensive, it’s terribly heavy

I’ve owned a PC3x for many years and thought the K2700 was going to be awesome. Basically, I think it is not enough of an upgrade to justify the cost. It’s a great keyboard, don’t get me wrong! Built in audio interface is great and great kurzweil sounds. I ended up returning it because my pc3x is still very viable and in great shape. Ended up buying a Studiologic Numa X 88… great action, built in audio interface, and very light!


Thanks for the link!