My Genesis Medley on Gig Performer

I didn’t realize this existed — from a show we did a few years ago — the medley is done completely in real time using just Gig Performer, a keyboard or two, and a pedal through which I was switching from one set of sounds to the next while playing. Couldn’t have done it without Patch Persist!



Nowadays, you can use a headset with brain computer interface so you can forget your pedal and free both feet completely

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Then you would have to take care of “bad thoughts” :wink:

I do not know what you are talking about… Perhaps a diabolus in musica…

The video says “Invalid Source” and wont play?..

Yeah, that was weird - I edited the post and put a single quote before the link to stop it trying to render it. That seemed to work

A great video. Indeed, Patch Persist is very nice. For the record, I think I was the 1st one to ask for the feature and GP team implemented it in a matter of a few days if I remember it correctly.

Great! :+1: From which vst does the voice sound come from minute 1:35?

It’s the M-Tron Pro (Mellotron) from GForce Audio - the patch is Chamberlin Voice Basic and it’s fed into an echo plugin

Great Job!!

TB is a songwriting genius!!