My experience with GP

Dear Friends,
I apologize for the wrong English. The following message is processed with the help of a translator. My English is very poor. I would like to share with you my experience with GP.
I have been a GP user for about 3 months. I was very interested in the program and after trying the demo version on the same day I bought a license. I am a keyboard player and I use GP exclusively for live playing in various bands. My demands for sound variability are very demanding. During one song I need to use several Rackspaces and in each of them also 10 to 15 sounds. Through midi from an external source, I control track switching and pedal switching rackspaces. I work many hours a day and look for the most suitable way to use GP. I use a complete package from Native instruments, Pianoteq 6 and hammond Gsi VB3. Initially, I put the required number of VSTplugins into each Rackspace, and after about twenty rackspaces, I had full RAM / 16 GB /. The last thing I came across after many attempts is switching rackspaces from the song / list view. I use only 2 rackspaces / two for patch persist functionality / and in each of them I have filled with all necessary VST plagins and I do the whole GP organization via panel functions / bypas vst, bypas midi in, split range, volume, velocity, channel change, program change , control change … /. For each vst plugin I use a separate midi imput, midi filter and for each midi input and midi filter a separate panel with all functions. I switch presets in plugins via the change program. This way, only one Gig file is enough for me and I have access to any of the 90,000 sounds I have available on my computer. I am currently using about 60 panels and my connection view is completely crowded. So far, it’s the best I’ve come up with. For example, when I want to change one sound that is used in multiple songs, I only replace it in two rackspaces and working with exchanging sounds is very fast and practical. But I’m still not sure if I’m using the system as designed. If so, it would certainly be better to organize plugins in connection view as well as in panels.
2 main problems with GP:

  1. When switching between rackspaces, a smooth transition does not always work when using the “patch persist” function. Sometimes you hear an interruption, a sound cut.
  2. Sometimes the program crashes when loading a Gig file.
    Thank you in advance for any help and recommendation or support. Except for minor shortcomings, which I believe will be removed over time, I am very satisfied with the program. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Premysl Pavlik

Welcome around !

Using what plugins?

I would not do that, because this does not work like patch persist and causes CPU load and you could face hanging notes.


Did you try predictive load?
When you are using SetList Mode with predictive load you can make sure RAM is not overloaded and all rackspaces in a set list are loaded into RAM.
So changing songs/song parts is absolutely glitch free.

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Thank you very much. I could have saved hundreds of hours. I only tried predictive loading in rackspaces. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out that the predictive loading loads the songs in the order in the setlist. Many, many thanks.


Feel free to ask in the forum - we all will try to help you.

Hi @Premek, welcome on board :wink:

It is always a good idea to report this kind of issue, but each in a specific topic, and with all the information for the developper to be able to diagnose and reproduce (crash reports, minimum gig file to reproduce, steps to reproduce, etc…

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Hi, Pianopaul,
I’m trying to switch Rackspaces from the selected setlist and “patch persist” doesn’t always work. There is a sound interruption on some rackspaces. Right now I have found that this is caused by the Vst plugin Symphony series in Contact from Native instruments. Can’t advise what to do with it? Well thank you.

Hi @Premek,

how does your SetList look like and did you enable “Patch persist” in each rackspace?
What setting did you choose for “Predictive Load”?

Kontakt: Are you aware of the options purge the Sample Pool.
This reduces the amount of used Memory a lot!

I have patch persist turned on in each rackspace and I tried different predictive loading numbers. I also tried the purge Sample pool. It did not help. It only does this to me with one plugin. When I go back to the previous rackspace and switch back to the critical rackspace, it already works. It looks like it’s causing some settings in one of the previous rackspaces. So far, I’ve replaced String ensemble plagin with Session strings for 2, and it works for me even though the plugin has an even higher Ram load. Thank you very much.
I have one more question: I control the switching of songs from an external source. I noticed that when I create a new setlist and fill it with songs, the midi receive number in the song turns off. Is there any way to store midi numbers for receiving data in created setlists?

What Kontakt Lbrary is causing the issue?

It is quite possible. I use more sounds from the Kontakt Library and they don’t cause problems. In the recent past, I’ve had problems with some Sounds from the Kontakt Library that caused such a strange error that after loading the gig file, the first keystroke on the keyboard was about half a second latency and the other tones were already playing normally. It was a rather annoying audible mistake. It is possible that it has something to do with each other.

Did you try update sample pool with this?

Yes, I also did a sample pool update.

I believe this is a well known bug in Kontakt


We just have to wait for it to improve. Fortunately, I have a lot of sounds, so I can always find a replacement sound.

I fear this will never be improved…

I recall a script/trick to address this… set n’ forget…

You’re right Antonio, @pianopaul once posted a script, back in 2018. It was a bit of a search to find it again (at least I can now implement it myself :smile:); it’s: Anyone using kontakt question the second last post.
I hope this will help you @Premek !

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