My All VST setup

After a couple years of consolidation and adjustments to find a simplified version of my rig, I think this is finally where things land for both rehearsals and Live. I will probably end up adding a 2 or 4 U rack space that I will set the interface, an in ear system transmitter, pier conditioner and whatever else I might want. Everything is now down to this single stand so setup is simple. I’m going to set the cable management so that the stand and cabling is a single setup step. I think I finally arrived at choosing Gig Performer for performance control as a result of some testing performance against Camelot Pro. The setup time takes a little longer, but song switching is faster and memory/processor performance so far has been better with GP. I’ve probably shed over 100 lbs of gear and a full stand/rack through this process. It’s effective, stable and gives me a ton of options to control every aspect of the performance. My old setup included a Jupiter 80, Korg Kronos 61, MODX8, Nord Stage 3 88 and a Moog Sub37 and had a Komplete s61 and a laptop in the mix to add vsts and control. I am scaled back to just two MIDI controllers, an audio interface and the laptop. I still have the Sub37 and a Moog One, but those I’m only using in my studio at this point, they don’t travel. My back is much happier, and honestly it is far easier to setup and manage not having to dig into control menus on tiny screens. The performance software manages my song changes, presets, can send click or other controls to manage other MIDI devices for the band… couldn’t be happier with this setup.


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How are you liking the KeyLab 88 mkll as a controller?

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GP is a pretty good choice that you will never regret. So, welcome to this GP community forum. :wink:


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I love it. It is the only one that I’ve found that holds up to what my Stage 3 gave me touch wise. It is important to load the most recent firmware on them though because they had some velocity curve issues before the latest.