MXR Dyna Comp Compressor VST

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Can anybody recommend a compression plugin to help me recreate the sound Tony Banks got from the MXR® DYNA COMP® COMPRESSOR? Apparently it has a really quick attack, a deep knee (whatever that is) and a very slow release.

Pedal (hardware): MXR® DYNA COMP® COMPRESSOR - Dunlop

This is not the same, but I think it’s useful (but to my taste too expensive, but every now and then there’s a sale going on. At this moment: ANY-2999):

This is free and also useful:

I don’t know whether one of these suits you.

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I highly recommend that you check out Tokyo Dawn Records Nova Gentleman’s Edition EQ and compressor plugin. The regular edition is free. The GE is normally $60, but is still on sale at AudioDeluxe for $14 (I picked it up yesterday).

TDR Nova GE at AudioDeluxe

TDR Nova (free) and Nova GE


Here’s my best attempt so far at replicating the sound. Slowly getting there I think…


Probably a little less chorus?

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Nicely played


That’s using TDR Nova EQ, Valhalla UberMod, and this compression plugin (free!):

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