Multiple Touch Screens - What is the Limit?


I know this is more of a general PC question than a GigPerformer question, but I would love to hear the experts weigh in.

I want to use multiple touch screens with Gig Performer. Five of them to be precise. I have seen many users use one successfully, but is anyone using multiple? Google and YouTube have a surprising lack of information on the subject.

I have seen multiple touch screen exhibits at aquariums, museums, and the like. Does anyone know what software they use? I presume they are built with windows or Linux.

Any information or references are welcome.

Thanks everyone!

Are you on a PC or a Mac?
Your “5 touch screens” are Android tablets or iPads?

This is a new build. Whatever does the job as with the touch screens. I am avoiding an OSC/iPad setup and I want the screens to directly display/edit GP windows.

I’m still not sure what you want to do.
Do you want to have 5 instances of GP on 5 screens?

Yes exactly

The solution is a utility called Spacedesk. It may not be the only multi-monitor software out there, but it’s the most versatile free option I’ve found so far.
Source: How to turn an old tablet into a second PC monitor for free | PCWorld

Awesome! exactly what I was looking for. For posterity, I’m posting a YouTube video of someone using SpaceDesk to build a “cockpit” in Microsoft Flight simulator. It think it does a great job to open one’s eyes to the possibility of “unlimited” monitor setups.

One step closer to having a real spaceship :wink:

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Let us know how it goes! :beers: