Multiple Signal Paths

Planning to run 2 guitar signal chains and 1 bass guitar chain to run my band out

Currently using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 with GTR Left in Input/Output 1, Bass in Input/Output 2, and GTR Right in Input/Output 3,

But when I tested this, I had input 1 coming out of output 3. This wouldn’t be ideal in a live setting because we plan to run out to Speakers or Cabs so we can’t each others chains in each others cabs.

How do I wire Gig Performer to not do this?


Ah, I see what you’re doing.
The Bypass mechanism does not mute sound - it simply disables any processing by that plugin and allows whatever came in to go out without change. The term bypass means to send the input directly to the output but bypass the effect processing.

You should probably feed everything into an audio mixer plugin and use the Mute buttons on the mixer



I looks like you are mixing your two guitar channels here from that point on the two won’t be separate. Also, you don’t have a signal going to Output 1 , only the combined guitars going to Output 3. If your intent is to have seperate guitar outputs you need to create discrete chains or you could get away with using a stereo effect and only use Input 1 (Left) for GTR-L and Input 2 (RIGHT) for GTR-R.




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What plugin do you use for Pitch Shifting?

So would I have to send everything plugin from Audio In to the Audio Mixer and then go to Audio out or does the Audio Mixer come after all the plugins and then to Audio Out?