Multiple interfaces

I trigger eDrums with Superior Drummer 3 and I just got into Gig Performer. I have a drumset at my guitarist’s house and another at my house, the only difference being that at one location the interface is 8 in/out and the other its 2 in/out.

I am very new to gig performer and I haven’t set up a project yet. So I’m looking for advice before I set it up so that if I change the interface I do minimal routing. If theres already a thread in the forums for this can someone steer me in the right direction. Thanks guys!

I am travelling with a laptop between the two locations but the interface and drums stay.

Hi @Lobstafari, welcome! When you open gig file and the interface is not there or has less channels, Gig Performer will have a few pop up messages asking if you want to enable virtual audio channels and also route all output channels to a single stereo out.

This means you can move between setups and not have to redo your wiring.

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I think you should start with setting up your rackspaces by first using the 8 channel interface and use this as a template for the routing of further rackspaces, just because the fallback from a real 8 channel interface over to a virtual 8 channel device where everything gets internaly mixed down to two real channels will happen easily and automatically.
The other way will be more problematic, because if your rackspaces use a two channel interface and suddenly there is an 8 channel device… how would the system know of how you want to do your routing?
A way to make this easier and more flexible to handle, would be if you’d route the output of every local rackspace 8-channel wise to the global rackspace where the “from local rackspaces” block would be connected to the audio interface. So you’d have only one place to make changes (if you’ll have to), no matter how many local rackspace there might be.

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