Multiple Crashes - USB hub went bad

After two years of great stability with GP, I have had at least 12 crashes today. I never get the GP crash screen, just the Apple one. I have apple crash reports available, but not any GP crash reports unless they have been generated and are somewhere I don’t know to look for them.

This Sunday night, this rig is supposed to be used by 8 keyboard players across 30+ songs for this year’s Purple Jam. To say I am now very nervous would be an understatement. Thoughts on how to troubleshoot and resolve the issues would be greatly appreciated.

I have not updated the OS recently and I have had no problems over several shows since my last OS upgrade. I have also not upgraded any plugins in quite awhile either.

MacBook Pro 2021 - M1 Max - 64GB ram
Universal Audio Volt 4
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 MKII
Nord Stage 4
Roland AX-1 via Panda Midi Audio Beam Wireless

OS Version: 12.7.2
GP Version: 4.7 (using Rosetta)

Would the Apple crash log help in diagnosing the problem?


Not that I could be helpful with that (Windows guy), but @dhj and other savvy folks might be able to tell you what the culprit is…

Okay, looks like I found the problem. A USB hub went bad and all of the devices were connecting and disconnecting constantly. I saw this one of the times I rebooted GP and it was showing multiple connect/disconnect messages in the UI. I was not seeing those in rackspace view, but it was showing in setlist view. I swapped out the USB hub for a good known working one and now everything seems to have stabilized. I’m thinking the issues with the malfunctioning hub happened when I plugged the panda-midi in which was device number 4. My guess is that the thing could supply enough bus power to both the Volt 4 and the panda midi. I’ve now hooked the Volt4 up to its own dedicated USB C port on the mac and the other three devices in an old tried but true USB 2 hub.



I’d like to see the crash log anyway

launching “Console” you can access most recent crash reports :wink: